November / December

November 1st. - December 23rd. Actual not shure that events in because of Corona (Covid 19) Pandemie will take place!!!
October 2021

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November 6th ???? Honky Tonk Music-Festival
Pubs + Music-Halls, Würzburg
November 13th ???? St. Martin-Procession
Old-Village at Estenfeld
November 18th - 28t ????h 52th. Bach-Music-Festival
St. Johannis-Church, Würzburg
November 20th ???? Open House at Würzburg`s Wineries at Night 4 VdP-Wineries (Caves), Würzburg
Nov. 26th - December 23rd ???? Christmas Market
Market-Place, Würzburg
December 4th - 19th ???? Regional Chrtistmas Markets
Cities of Kitzingen, Karlstadt,Ochsenfurt, Sommerhausen, Tauberbischofsheim, etc.

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